Our Services

Project Consulting and Complete site planning:

Anthem Healthcare Professional engineers  & Project consulting team can assist with site plans and placement of your system for efficient use of space and successful installation of your system.


Every Machines unit we consider for purchase goes through a rigorous pre-purchase inspection. This is a key step… a historically problematic Machines system will likely cause headaches in the future. Sometimes today’s “bargain” is tomorrow’s “wish I hadn’t done that”.


The Machines are disassembled down to its component level and fully tested. Each component is accepted, repaired, or replaced to meet manufacturer’s specifications


The Machines are carefully packaged and shipped to its destination, installed, and tested.


Manufacturer-trained engineers carefully Deinstall & Install the system from its old site and prepare it for its new life elsewhere.

Rigging & Shifting:

Proper rigging of the magnet is performed by an experienced rigging professional

RF Shielding/Magnetic Shielding/Interior & lighting:

The room and facility are inspected, tested, and ensured for proper Magnetic and RF shielding.

Applications and Training:

Applications specialists train the facility’s technicians on their new Radiology imaging machine.


Every Anthem Healthcare MRI & CT machine is fully warranted and covered by Anthem Healthcare.